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Rebates + tax credits = HVAC replacement savings

Rebates from Calhoun County REC and new tax credits are available for replacing your old heating and cooling equipment in 2012.

When was the last time you thought about your home’s heating and cooling equipment? If you’re concerned about its economy and energy efficiency, then Calhoun County REC is here to help.

One of the best opportunities for our members to save right now is on new heating and cooling equipment. Geothermal and air-source heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available, providing $2-$3 or more in heating or air conditioning for every $1 you pay in electricity.

Now is the perfect time to replace your older system and save money with rebates and tax credits. These include:

  • Rebates. Calhoun County REC offers rebates of up to $600 for air-source heat pumps, based on the efficiency of the unit. We also offer rebates of $300 per ton for the purchase of geothermal heat pumps, plus a $50 bonus for adding a desuperheater for your hot water heater. 
  • Federal geothermal tax credit. This credit is for 30% of the cost for geothermal heat pumps. Visit ENERGY STAR® for the details.  
  • Iowa geothermal tax credit. This new credit has just been signed into law by Governor Branstad and will total 6% of the system cost (it’s 20% of the federal tax credit) and it’s effective retroactive to January 1, 2012. Find details here.   

For more information on your heating and cooling equipment and your home, check out these articles on our website.

For more details on rebates offered by Calhoun County REC, check out our Rebates Forms Library.

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