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Pearson Compound Bow
Pearson compound bow, 40-80 lbs. pull; $50. 712-332-5448
Four Barrel Pepperbox Percussion Pistol
Four barrel pepperbox percussion pistol, modern; $200. 712-332-5448
wood doors
2 x 10 16 to 20 feet long 4x6 6x6 16 to 20 feet long exterior and interior doors casement windows sliding shower door
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Careers at Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
Working for an electric cooperative is a great career opportunity. Co-ops are looking for talented and resourceful people, and are offering competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Electric co-...
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Potato Flour Cookies
Mix very well. Roll into 1 1/2" rolls and chill thoroughly. Slice about 1/4" inches wide. Bake for 10 or 12 minutes at 375. They should be white with just a touch of brown around the edge. I use...
Lemon Berry Tea Bread
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. Mix first 3 ingredients, then beat in egg. Sift flour, baking powder, soda, and salt. Sprinkle about 1/2 of flour mixture over ...
Shriek Ice Cream
blend all together in your blendtec or blender and ENJOY
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