Solar Demonstration Project

 Solar Demonstration Project 

In 2017, your Cooperative's board of directors approved constructing a 75-kW/AC, ground-mount solar system to position the cooperative as a source of information about this developing form of renewable energy to both our employees and our member-owners. The demonstration project will allow us to document the actual operating, maintenance, and production characteristics to provide accurate analysis data.

What is the ECA?

What is the ECA?

Calhoun County REC is vigilant in trying to keep rates as stable as possible while meeting financial obligations.  When the cost of power decreases, we pass the savings on to our member-owners. However, when the cost of power increases, we also must adjust the costs for our member-owners.

The "Energy Cost Adjustment" (ECA) is exactly that - a way to adjust the fluctuating monthly cost of wholesale power over or under the established kWh rate.

Youth Tour


2017 Youth Tour: June 9-15

Apply to experience the 2017 Iowa Electric Cooperative’s Youth Tour of Washington, D.C. It’s an all-expenses-paid trip you'll never forget!


Mainstreet Messanger

Personal Emergency Reporting System

Linear Emergency Response Device

As we grow older, we find ourselves becoming more concerned about personal safety and the safety of our elderly parents. We all want to enjoy the independence that we've worked so hard to earn.