Calhoun County Electric Cooperative is committed to providing reliable service. But, not all outages can be avoided. Weather, animals, accidents, and service interruptions from our power supplier can all cause outages.

If an outage occurs, please do the following:

  1. Check to determine if power is lost to your entire home or farmstead.

  2. Be sure to check fuses and circuit breakers, which may include both the meter pole panel and the panel located inside your home.

  3. To help determine the extent of the problem, check with neighbors to see if they have electricity. This will help our linemen know if it is just your service or perhaps a main breaker serving several member-consumers in your area.

  4. If you cannot restore power by resetting the circuit breaker, call us at 1-800-821-4879 to report the outage. If you call after our office has closed, our phones will automatically transfer you to our after-hours call service, the Cooperative Response Center (CRC). These professionals have access to our outage management system and will assist you in a timely manner.