The rates below are effective on January 1, 2023.

Current rates are: 

  • Monthly Facility Charge of $52.00/month
  • First 1,200 kWh per month @ 0.1364 per kWh
  • Balance of kWh per month @ 0.0950 per kWh

The minimum bill is $52.00 per month plus appropriate taxes. 

The Electric Heat Rate is applicable for homes and buildings that have electric heat as their primary heat source.

Rates are: 

  • Monthly meter fee of $5.00
  • kWh during October-April @ $0.0530
  • kWh during May-September @ $0.0950

Please contact Bret McAlister, Line Superintendent, to enroll. 


This rate is for small commercial accounts under 50 kW demand per month.

  • Monthly Facility Charge: $115.00/month 
  • First 1,000 kWh per month: $0.2023
  • Next 2,750 kWh per month: $0.1870
  • Balance of kWh per month: $0.0850

This rate is for large commercial accounts with a demand of 50 kW or more per month.

  • Monthly Facility Charge: $150.00/month 
  • Energy Charge: $0.0589
  • Non-Coincident Demand Charge: $19.50/kW

This rate is for members with an irrigation pivot. 

  • Monthly Facility Charge: $83.00
  • Energy Charge: $0.0377
  • Non-coincident Demand Charge: $5.75/kW
  • Coincident Peak Demand Charge: $21.07/kW

There are two rate options for security lights. 

  • Non-metered: $10.50/month
  • Metered: $2.75/month

If you are being charged for a CCECA security light and it needs repaired, please call our office and a lineman will come repair it. 

If you install a LED security light on your property, there is a rebate available.