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Now that we’ve explored just how electricity works to get to your home, it’s time to learn about what it takes to keep the power grid operational. Thinking back to the start of our journey, did you make a guess on how many power plants in the U.S. send electricity to the grid?

You might be surprised to know that In the U.S., it takes more than 11,000 power plants to produce the electricity we use each and every day. This is a tremendous feat when you think about all the infrastructure that goes into making the grid work.

As we see the demands for more efficient vehicles such as EV’s and hybrids continue to grow, we can also expect to see the size of the electrical grid itself grow in the next few years. As the grid expands and grows, Calhoun County ECA will be right there with it making the necessary changes needed to sustain our members with safe, reliable, and affordable energy.